If you are going to wash your fleece in your washing machine:

Recommended Cleaning Agents that contain few additives: Ivory Liquid, Dawn, Liquid Tide, Orvus Paste (found in feed stores) .  Note: Woolite is generally not recommended for washing natural fibers.

Do not use cleaning agents with bleach and avoid cleaning agents with conditioners which impede the carding process by leaving sticky residue on fibers, causing clumping and felting

1. Fill machine with HOT water (the hotter the better)-...can add boiling water to machine if necessary.

2, Disolve in liquid soap - use about 4 times that recommended for an average load of clothes. 

3, Turn off washer.

2. Add fiber - gently placing into water (Advice: enclosing fiber loosely in mesh laundry bag will help to contain fiber - do not overstuff bag, so that fiber has room to move about... Do not over handle fiber or move fiber around any more than necessary  - this will prevent felting)

3. Soak fiber for approximately 45 minutes. Do not Agitate!  Avoid letting water get cold - and do not turn on washer.  (Advice:  Place heavy blankets on top of washer lid to insultate heat) 

4. Set on final spin cycle and spin until the fiber seem dry. NEVER wring out fleece.

5. Remove fiber.

6. Fill washer with same temperature water again. Do not add soap! Turn washer off.

7. Add fiber. Soak for approximately 45 minutes. Do Not Agitate!
8. Repeat steps 5 & 6 if fleece as needed - especially for fleece that is very fine or dirty.  REPEAT STEPS AS NEEDED TO GET FIBER CLEAN, UNTIL RINCE WATER IS CLEAR.

9. Repeat the rinse cycle as needed.

10. Dry on a drying screen, outside or where fiber can air dry.  Gently fluff fiber periodically during drying process to aid in drying. 

If you are going to wash your fleece in a large container or bathtub:

The same process is recommended as used in machine washing....

1. Fill tub or large container with hot water. Add detergent until the water feels slightly slippery. Do not swish around water creating suds. 

2.  Place a wire or mesh liner across the bottom of the tub before adding fiber, so that when fiber is removed it can be lifted up easily from the tub with the liner during the multiple rinsing processes. 

3.  Place fiber into the water. Fiber should be loosely submerged under water and not overloaded.

4. Allow fiber to sit in water only as long as water remains hot.  Do not agitate.

5.  Drain water.  Suspend fiber above the tub or container to drain using wire or mesh liner.  (It is helpful to utilize the spin cycle of a washing machine at this point, but can also use dry towel for blotting excess water.) 

6. Repeat washing if necessary.

7. Dry on mesh screens above the floor in thin layers.  Open air and drying outside speeds up drying process.. Fluffing fiberas it drys will help it dry quicker.

Snowy Range Alpacas can wash your fleece for you for an additional $10.00 per fleece blanket  or per every 2 pounds of secondary fiber.  If you would like to do it yourself, we have provided instructions below on how to properly wash your fiber to ensure that you protect the integrity of the fleece and prevent felting. 
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